Annie The Alligator Manages Anger

Artist: Trehaus

Age: 3+

Oh, look! What made Annie angry? How does she react when she is mad? Trehaus invites you to learn about managing anger through Annie.

  • Features

    • Navigate through the 5 essential chapters that form the story's foundation
    • Tune in to the 25 narrated activation points to deepen understanding of the story
    • Discover multiple animations scattered throughout the book
  • Learnings

    • Recognise that everyone has unique anger triggers
    • Discover 5 simple steps to manage anger
    • Understand that feeling angry is natural; what matters is how we manage it


Trehaus is an integrated co-lifestyle space for families with a preschool and childcare, office space, family club, and cafe. The flagship space on Level 7 of Funan Mall near Singapore’s CBD is helmed by Trehaus School, a Silicon Valley-inspired preschool and childcare that is changing early education, focuses on building character and future skills, and lets parents be present for their children’s learning journey.

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