50 Bilingual Words - Know Your Vegetables

Artist: Hanming Wang

Age: 3+

Build your vocabulary and knowledge of vegetables in an interactive way! With 50 vividly illustrated vegetables for adventurous eater, the book is a simple way to learn to read in English and Chinese.

  • Features

    • Discover 50 vividly illustrated vegetables
    • Uncover the cross-sectional view of the vegetables
    • Listen to read-alouds in English and Chinese
  • Learnings

    • Enhance and build vocabulary in an interactive way
    • Hone observational skills to identify different types of vegetables
    • Pick up pronunciation of each vegetable with the read-aloud in English and Chinese

Hanming Wang

Hanming, a Singapore-based artist, creates colorful, texture-rich illustrations for children. Her work, full of life and playfulness, aims to ignite connections in young minds and spark wonders in young hearts.

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