Frequently Asked Questions

“To know how to wonder and question is the first step of the mind toward discovery.” - Louis Pasteur

Discover the answers to the many questions below.

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Who is Peekabook for?

Peekabook is suitable for children above 3 years old. The reason for that is we believe in only introducing screen time after they are 3. The books are however suitable for a wide age range as they are deliberately designed to be open-ended, and layered with content. The parent (or educator) can tailor and guide accordingly. With rich content, we believe even young children can immerse in exploration on their own.

I'm a parent of a toddler! How will Peekabook help me?

We see Peekabook as a supplementing learning tool to enrich your child's learning. You can select from topics that you feel would benefit your child and use the content and interactions to make learning fun and engaging. Peekabook is also like a digital busy board. Take it along on long trips (no more heavy books or activity kits), or let your child be occupied productively with it for 30min. A lot of parents we tested with say that it also helps that this gives them an alternative that is more active than video watching "screen time"!


What content will I get with Peekabook?

Peekabook offers learning content in a totally new digital experience. Our books are a mixture of exploratory, imaginative and thematic learning.

Currently, you will be able to access these book titles:

  • A-Z
  • Peek Inside Your Body
  • Wonderfood Wonderland
  • The Neighbourhood
  • Journey to the Ocean: Life of a Salmon
  • Comfort Creatures
  • The Big Safari
  • The Little Red Riding Hood

We work continuously with educators to create more books that will be launched into our in-app library. What this means is that, with the same Peekabook Explorer Ring, you will be able to continuously select from an updated and growing library of fun and learning content.

Within our plans, there are books around "how things work", "busy world / encyclopedic" and learning themes such as language, numeracy, nature, and even financial literacy.

Is the explorer ring safe to use by children?

Peekabook distributed meet or exceed ASTM F963: “Standard Consumer Specification on Toy Safety” Toys distributed outside the USA meet or exceed international toy safety standard “EN-71 Safety of Toys. When you purchase one of our products, you can be confident it has been tested beyond industry standards and has met all federal requirements.

Do I need to charge the explorer ring?

No, there is no battery or charging required for the physical explorer ring (forever).


Do I need to sync the Explorer ring via Bluetooth to the Peekabook App?

No, the Explorer ring does not use any Bluetooth connection. It's a hardware device without any electronics inside.

Do I need wifi or data to play?

You would need wifi or data to download the books. But once they are downloaded, you can play them offline.

Which devices are compatible, and what do I need to explore Peekabook?

Peekabook app is only available on the Apple App Store and requires iPadOS15 or newer.


Does Peekabook work with Android?

We haven't forgotten Android, but to get to market fast with a built product, we had to make some choices. We are really sorry that Peekabook is only available on iOS at the moment. We are aware that much more people use Android but have chosen to take the risk to start from iOS instead as it’s in a more controlled development model and we would be able to fine-tune the experience better. There are too many Android models that we are afraid that the experience would be compromised and we are not able to ensure the best experience for all models of tablets in the world. Plans for Android are definitely something we are seriously looking at, but it might not happen so quickly, to be honest. As of now, Peekabook is only compatible with any iPad with iPad iOS15 and above.

Does the email address used to create Peekabook account need to be the same email address for Apple ID?

No, any email address will do. There will be a verification email sent to that email to access your specific Peekabook account.

What languages are available in Peekabook?

Peekabook supports the English language only, for now.

Supporting multi languages is something on our list of possible features for non-English speaking users. Let us know what languages you would like to see in Peekabook!

Learn more about Peekabook through this Instructional Guide

This instructional guide helps to answer some of the frequently asked questions about Peekabook.

It's divided into 4 parts:

  • How to get started with Peekabook?
  • How to use the books?
  • How to expand your collection of books?
  • How to manage your Peekabook account?

Feel free to skip to the parts you will need help with.

Why create a ring when we can just use our fingers to activate digital effects on an iPad?

It is important to us that Peekabook is as interactive (and active) as possible. The physical interaction required by the child to move the ring around the screen blends physical action with digital effects. It links digital experiences with reality. The tangible qualities of the ring, formed like a looking glass, connect the notion of physical exploration in a digital environment. The irony is that the endless possibilities of a digital world create a large disconnection to reality where one can easily lose touch with the real world. It is therefore important to us that the digital learning experiences we create for our children are always tied to tangible interactions and sensations. This way, we can have the best of both worlds, where rich interactive content is delivered in a physically engaging and tangible manner.

Why was Peekabook created?

Being in this modern age of technology, it is inevitable that our children will be exposed to screens and digital learning. Despite their vivid visuals and sounds, current digital learning tends to lean towards passive consumption of content.

As parents and educators, we want to take advantage of the appeal, richness, and potential of the digital medium, while making digital learning as active as possible. The aim is not to avoid technology and digital mediums in totality, but to help our children learn and manage this medium of learning in an active and inquisitive manner. This is why we created Peekabook.