From magical to educational, there’s a book for every child.

Each book is specially designed for Peekabook to create a unique learning experience for your child.

  • Peek Inside Your Body

    Anngee Neo

  • A-Z


  • Wonderfood Wonderland

    Xinnie Ng

  • The Big Safari

    Zhang Hanwen

  • The Neighbourhood

    Lee Xin Li

  • Creature Comforts

    Darel Seow

  • Journey to the Ocean: The Life of a Salmon

    Catherine Lazar Odell

  • Little Red Riding Hood

    Ng Tse Pei

  • Around the Christmas Tree

    Zhang Hanwen

  • Peek Inside The World of Transportation

    James Gulliver Hancock

  • The Underwear Rule

    Xinnie Ng

  • Annie The Alligator Manages Anger


  • 50 Bilingual Words - Know Your Vegetables

    Hanming Wang