Wonderfood Wonderland

Artist: Xinnie Ng

Age: 3+

A magical land made up of oversized food and little folks, where food, fun and friendship come together in wondrous ways! Just wander around with an open mind, you never know what you might find!

  • Features

    • Reveal a colourful and animated world behind the artwork
    • Make up curious stories around foods and the lives of the little folks together
    • Discover animated surprises scattered throughout the artwork
  • Learnings

    • Sharpen observational skills by finding all the creative ways food elements are used in the artwork
    • Boost imagination when making up stories about this wonderous world of oversized food and little folks
    • Appreciate simple fun and joys in this wondrous world

Xinnie Ng

Fueled by the love of creative exploration, Xinnie creates and concocts illustrative designs that brew and balance a love for the handwritten and digital. Her works are inspired by moments of spontaneity, deep ponderings, and often invite you in for a closer look.

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