Little Red Riding Hood

Artist: Ng Tse Pei

Age: 3+

Experience a well-loved classic in a brand new way! Immerse yourself in this fairytale as you bring Little Red Riding Hood's journey to life. Uncover beautifully drawn scenes and learn valuable life lessons.

  • Features

    • Watch and listen to the story come to life in rich illustration and lively narration
    • Uncover 19 narrated and animated main scenes of the fairytale
    • Find 20 supporting narrations and animations that bring the story to life!
  • Learnings

    • Recognise why we should not talk to stranger when we are alone
    • Understand the importance of obeying our parents and guardians
    • Appreciate the love and warmth of family

Ng Tse Pei

Tse Pei is a multi-skilled creative. You may find her thinking up characters and narratives to illustrate, prototyping an experience, or researching trends and user behaviours. She is drawn to work that allows her to engage her imagination, indulge in deep thinking, and create value to society.

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