Journey to the Ocean

Journey to the Ocean: The Life of a Salmon

Artist: Catherine Lazar Odell
Age: 4+

Salmon make their journey from the streams to the ocean and return years later to spawn the next generation. Explore the environment and discover how significantly the ecosystem depend on this humble fish.


  1. Explore the journey of a salmon from the mountains to the ocean
  2. Discover how salmon provide important nutrients for the whole ecosystem
  3. Find many other animals that live in the same habitats


  1. Recognise the significance of salmon as a keystone species
  2. Understand the interconnected and delicate nature of aquatic ecosystems
  3. Gain interesting facts about salmon and other animals, as well as their environment

About Artist

Cat Odell is a Pacific Northwest artist, musician, and natural builder, currently residing in southern California. Her love of the natural world inspires her illustration and lifestyle.