The Underwear Rule

Artist: Xinnie Ng

Age: 5+

Learn the 4 golden rules of The Underwear Rule! Find out what you can do when someone breaks the rule and the difference between a good touch and bad touch.
Co-developed with Mark Lim, Director/Trauma-Informed Counsellor at The Social Quotient.

  • Features

    • Journey through 5 informative chapters with over 30 narrated activation points.
    • Spot the underwear mascot in the book who will introduce 3 parent-child activities
    • Kickstart conversation on good touch and bad touch in a guided manner
  • Learnings

    • Understand the 4 golden rules in The Underwear Rule
    • Know what to do when someone breaks The Underwear Rule
    • Recognize the difference between a good touch and a bad touch

Xinnie Ng

Fueled by the love of creative exploration, Xinnie creates and concocts illustrative designs that brew and balance a love for the handwritten and digital. Her works are inspired by moments of spontaneity, deep ponderings, and often invite you in for a closer look.

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