Artist: ART-ZOO

Age: 3+

The ART-ZOO A-Z Interactive Book is a fun and easy read for both children and the young-at-heart, filled with fun facts on 26 unique animals and plants that represents the alphabets A-Z.

  • Features

    • Take a peek into the colourful world of ART-ZOO through the Explorer Ring
    • Explore the ART-ZOO characters from A-Z
    • Find the hidden surprises: Can you recognise all the animal sounds?
  • Learnings

    • Learn the alphabet in an interactive way
    • Listen to the letters, animals and plants read aloud, and learn their pronunciation
    • Gain fun facts about 26 unique animals and plants


ART-ZOO is an imaginative world on the other side of the rainbow, filled with colourful animals and plants. The ART-ZOO WORLD is an adventure for children of all ages.

The original concept and characters of ART-ZOO are created by Jackson Tan.

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