What is Peekabook?

Healthier, active screen time

Screen time can be healthy. Peekabook pairs an explorer ring with digital content, to make screen-based experiences more active — not just passive video-watching. We want our children to get the best parts of the digital medium. That means high-quality learning content with the right amount of stimulation, so that digital learning is fun and rewarding without being overly gamified and addictive.

Safe, high-quality, beautiful content

Quality over quantity. It is our mission to bring to our children works that inspire them. Peekabook’s content is specially developed by educators and translated into beautiful artwork thoughtfully drawn by professional artists. Our medley of charming and creative content gets children to love learning even more, and to appreciate the magnificent world we live in.

Topics that matter

Peekabook focuses on important topics for children to understand at their age. Our topics range from the big imaginative wonders of our world to the small difficult conversations (such as bullying, death, and consent). We aim to provide an easy and engaging medium to learn about our world and talk about complex topics — through interaction and play.

Open-ended and child-led

There is never a right or wrong way to play. Choice, coupled with trial and error, strengthens your child’s creative confidence. Your child determines their own play with Peekabook. Our open-ended content and interactions let your child engage at their own level and developmental stage.

Independent play or play together

Peekabook has a simple and intuitive design for your child to explore independently. Prompts and in-depth content layered within the artwork give them cues to navigate. Play together by telling stories your way, asking questions, or connecting the books to real life experiences. The wide array of illustrated topics and stories provides endless learning moments to enjoy.


Visit www.peekaworld.com to learn more!

Peekabook, by Matterkids