What is Peekabook?

Build Creative Confidence

The books are built upon the foundations of lifelong learning - Curiosity and wonder. They are beautifully detailed artworks with hidden surprises, rewarding and reinforcing your child's curiosity with every new discovery. We believe that every child should have the creative confidence to dream and believe in who they are and what they can do in their new world, and we hope to nurture that.

Celebrates Diversity

Exposure to diversity broadens one’s understanding (and acceptance) to differences in our world. By being a platform for different artists and storytellers around the world, we hope to connect children and parents to people and cultures, presenting varying forms of aesthetics and points of views.

Child-led Learning Approach

Your child determines their own play with Peekabook. There is never a right or wrong way to play. Open-ended play design allows for varying levels of engagement to suit different development stages of your child and strengthen your child’s creative confidence through trial and error.

Bond through fun learning moments

Peekabook is great for independent exploration, and also guided play. Tell the story your way, ask questions and create learning moments. Connect the books to real life experiences. With the wide array of beautiful illustrated topics and stories, there’s always so much to discuss and enjoy together.


Visit www.peekaworld.com to learn more!

Peekabook, by Matterkids